Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i have these best friends

& truly, they mean the world to me. Tonight the three of us had plans. But instead, we parked in Jrd's car for three hours talking. Just talking. Friends like them are hard to come by, I'm lucky to have them in my life.
I'm getting married, Jrd's leaving on his mish, Jet's continuing on in school... life is changing. it's kinda weird.
It's power ranger to have these awesome&epic&hot people in my life. So though i have no musical talents at all, here's an ode to my best friends.
Remember when...?
  • We had a candlelit dinner of ritz, go-gurt & gushers?
  • We made shirts for our Rockband band: Tipsy 2?
  • We knocked over trash cans & PEOPLE to get 1st in line for a rollercoaster?
  • We tripped to Cali & the camera didn't even work?
  • We played that icky sick spit-out-the-skittles game?

Remember when we thought we'd never end? Let's be those friends who don't grow apart.
If anything at all, let's just be friends.

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