Thursday, June 18, 2015

Early mornings

A typical morning in our house.
At 5:45: I race out of bed and speed tip-toe across our creaky, old kitchen floors and into the girls' room. I nurse Riglee back to sleep before her early morning cries can wake up the millie mae. Speed tip-toeing is up there with star throwing and num-chucking in the ninja mom handbook don'tchaknow. 
If I am successful, I put a sleeping Riglee back into her crib and I can now get a workout in before the girls wake up for the day. The speed tip-toe is all important because if I am unsuccessful, the grumpy baby's cries wake up the grumpy toddler which makes mom grumpy and now our entire house is a big grumpy blob of grumps. 
Do not underestimate the power of the speed tip toe. 

After workout I shower, put on mom sweats & a mom high bun and am DYING for the girls to wake up because by now it's been about ten years since I've kissed their sweet smiling faces and also I am getting dang hungry. I like to wait to eat breakfast with my girls but by now my stomach is saying "yo Lauren! Feed me yo! Holla!" {my intestines are gangsters} 
And I just get super anxious to comply because you do not mess with gangsters/I'm hungry. 

Then the girls awake, we eat breakfast, watch Monkey George {what the cool toddlers say instead of Curious George} and then daddy comes home from working at UPS! Upon which time a dance party of epic proportions usually breaks out, music is provided in the form of a screaming toddler and sounds only vaguely like a song from Frozen... {smile}

I think we have the best mornings ever. 
XO Lauren 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

ladies at lunch

i love lunchtime. 
millie eats, riglee eats, mommy eats and then its naptime.
what could be better than lunchtime?

xo lauren

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

for the sake of documentation

our little ladies loooooove to play outside. 
and what adventures they can have on the yellow farm! 
t & i love our home. 
we also love our family. 
this habitat of ours is brimming with love & stuff, basically.

when millie was a little baby i used to really, really care about how she looked in photos. 
she had to be wearing a bow, her clothes had to match, her face clean and for goodness sake matching socks were a must! 
i couldn't care less about that anymore.
because when you have a two year old & a ten month old... bows fall off while they play, spit up lends to an endless rotation of onesies, outside play demolishes a clean face and socks get pulled off as soon as possible. 
but there is beauty in the mess.
mismatched outfits & a lack of socks won't keep me from posting photos of my girls anymore!

because i have to document the way millie tries to help riglee stand up:

& the way riglee's eyes sparkle & shine in the sunlight:

the way the girls fit the farm like a glove:

how the trees completely envelope the house on all sides:

or how riglee looked when she started walking:
{she's only ten months. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE RIGLEE? this is not ok!}

the world is so BIG when you are so small. 
can you imagine?

shout out to travis. 
he worked hard this summer & last to get our lawn looking great,
he is amazing & the farm never looked so good!
what a hottie. i am a lucky broad.

 xo lauren

Thursday, May 21, 2015

i'm so glad

This is what it looks like around here, 
when we hear that daddy is on his way home. 

in case you were wondering.
xo lauren

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day to Day

I am a stay-at-home mom. 
I am a mom that stays at home with my two little girls all day long.
I teach, I cook, I play, sometimes I clean. 
Sometimes we go out, sometimes we don't.
My day to day life with my girls is my absolute favorite, i don't want to forget their quirks that make up my mundane, ordinary, exhilarating day to day.
they use Riggy's baby food to play blocks together on the kitchen floor while i clean up their lunch. messy faces & full tummies make for great play time. millie tries to make a fort & riglee knocks it down. somehow it never gets old.

millie thought it would be a nice idea to put all of the baby food into her laundry hamper. 
i will never know why.
the mysterious life of a toddler.

xo lauren 

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