Tuesday, May 26, 2015

for the sake of documentation

our little ladies loooooove to play outside. 
and what adventures they can have on the yellow farm! 
t & i love our home. 
we also love our family. 
this habitat of ours is brimming with love & stuff, basically.

when millie was a little baby i used to really, really care about how she looked in photos. 
she had to be wearing a bow, her clothes had to match, her face clean and for goodness sake matching socks were a must! 
i couldn't care less about that anymore.
because when you have a two year old & a ten month old... bows fall off while they play, spit up lends to an endless rotation of onesies, outside play demolishes a clean face and socks get pulled off as soon as possible. 
but there is beauty in the mess.
mismatched outfits & a lack of socks won't keep me from posting photos of my girls anymore!

because i have to document the way millie tries to help riglee stand up:

& the way riglee's eyes sparkle & shine in the sunlight:

the way the girls fit the farm like a glove:

how the trees completely envelope the house on all sides:

or how riglee looked when she started walking:
{she's only ten months. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE RIGLEE? this is not ok!}

the world is so BIG when you are so small. 
can you imagine?

shout out to travis. 
he worked hard this summer & last to get our lawn looking great,
he is amazing & the farm never looked so good!
what a hottie. i am a lucky broad.

 xo lauren

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