Thursday, June 18, 2015

Early mornings

A typical morning in our house.
At 5:45: I race out of bed and speed tip-toe across our creaky, old kitchen floors and into the girls' room. I nurse Riglee back to sleep before her early morning cries can wake up the millie mae. Speed tip-toeing is up there with star throwing and num-chucking in the ninja mom handbook don'tchaknow. 
If I am successful, I put a sleeping Riglee back into her crib and I can now get a workout in before the girls wake up for the day. The speed tip-toe is all important because if I am unsuccessful, the grumpy baby's cries wake up the grumpy toddler which makes mom grumpy and now our entire house is a big grumpy blob of grumps. 
Do not underestimate the power of the speed tip toe. 

After workout I shower, put on mom sweats & a mom high bun and am DYING for the girls to wake up because by now it's been about ten years since I've kissed their sweet smiling faces and also I am getting dang hungry. I like to wait to eat breakfast with my girls but by now my stomach is saying "yo Lauren! Feed me yo! Holla!" {my intestines are gangsters} 
And I just get super anxious to comply because you do not mess with gangsters/I'm hungry. 

Then the girls awake, we eat breakfast, watch Monkey George {what the cool toddlers say instead of Curious George} and then daddy comes home from working at UPS! Upon which time a dance party of epic proportions usually breaks out, music is provided in the form of a screaming toddler and sounds only vaguely like a song from Frozen... {smile}

I think we have the best mornings ever. 
XO Lauren 

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