Wednesday, May 05, 2010

miley pie!

Today on Disney Channel,
{yes, i still watch Disney channel. i predict i will be a fan till i'm pushin up daisies.
Daisies! Get it? Ahhhhh i kill myself.}
today there was a hannah montana marathon.
& i watched the episode where Miley & Jake had their 1st kiss.
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww presh!
i giggled to myself. it was just so cute.
she's just a teenybopper who is trying to be a big girl & i love it. i'm all about the teenyboppers.
& so, even though now miley cyrus has turned into this
 & is telling paparazzi that she saw her fake-ish boyfriend thing picking his nose... {srsly. what the heck?}
i still like Hannah Montana.
the chick is power ranger in my book.

today, i made pie(s)!
in plural form.. kinda!
pinky over there is a product of "excess de la pie crust", as they say
so i just threw in what we had.
it look like something went wrong during strawberry intestinal resectional surgery.
but it's yummy-ness, & overall.. looks pretty cute!
Did you have a cute day, today?

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