Sunday, August 01, 2010

last Sunday as a single lady!

& i'm enjoying it ♥
ya ya!
basically let me just say that i love the young women in my ward.
i was laurel president basically all of my two years there,
and gained such a love for each of those tiny princesses.
i feel like their mommy & they make me smile!
so, i want them in my wedding.
as my Tiny Wedding Waitresses!
i made them presh aprons to wear, wanna see?

i stopped in to Young Womens today & sent around a sign up sheet,
saying that i could only take 4 girls but it'd be great to get some stand-by's.
& when i got the sheet back,
it was completely filled.
front & back.
i love my young women ♥

this coming week is going to be THUH best. EFF-ERRRRR! Gahhhhhhhh i can't wait!
Trav gets in to Mesa tomorrow at 4ish pm.
do you know what that means?

that means at 4pm when you look at your clock and wonder, "gee, i sure hope there is some happiness in the world right now!"
never fear.
because there IS. and basically all the world's happiness will reside in me.
tiny though i am, i can hold a heckofuh lot of happiness.
because tomorrow at 4ish pm,
i get to hold hands with the man of my dreams again.
& i kinda can't wait!


Rebekah said...

You are just to stinkin cute!! I'm so excited for the wedding this weekend, I'm sure it will be GORGEOUS :)

Kathy said...

This week is SO SO SO SO exciting! I can't believe it's August already! (I bet you can't either!)

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