Sunday, September 05, 2010

in the life of lauren

i start school on tuuuuuuuesday! & i already have an essay due-- the joys of being an english major. rock on! 
trav & i are starting to feel the "wa-wa-waaaaaa" of livin' with the in-laws
so... we went apartment hunting today. again. 
& since everything good that happens to us comes from craigslist, {example: our car, our king size mattress, my WEDDING DRESS...} it's the first place we looked.
& there's been some really nice apartments for us to look at!
& some really. really. bad ones.
like, one ad featured a toilet covered in a furry blue carpet-like cover.
& that's IT.  
ummm... yes please?

{ insert news anchor voice} in other news,
my best friendie Jet is in Boise for the weekend!

as consequence, there is now a Halo 3 palooza in our home
it's lasted 4 hours & still going strong. oi.
good thing i've found a copy of The Hunger Games.

yes, i've given in to the crowd.
yes, i'm glad. this book rules.
it's better than Twilight i'd say
because Katniss Everdeen kicks ACE & eats leaves.
can you say hardcore?


Kathy said...

gosh, I love craigslist! I've gotten 2 jobs from there so far and I'm using it to apartment browse Orem. seriously though, why do people think it's a good idea to post a picture of just the outside of the complex or just the bathroom. I need more pictures!

Allison said...

Oh, I'm so completely glad you gave into the Hunger Games! I was into it before the "crowd" (even though there isn't really one in CA... pity!) and it's AMAZING. You'll read all three in no time, and you'll be obsessed... no joke.

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