Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Girly Weekend

last weekend, my hubbins went hunting. woe was me!
my lips missed his lips muy mucho,
but i managed to have some fun all my own.

i roadtripped to Rexburg for da weekend!

a solo drive made possible by Alice Cooper's School's Out album, a bag of choco chips & alot of pink on my part. holla!

this is why, of all places, i chose to vacay in dinky rexburg, idaho:
i love my semi-ex room girls with a passion for fashion.
semi-ex because they'll always be my bffs
though i did in fact upgrade to a room mate of the male variety. a hot one. mmm.

our first adventure was to Sammy's, a little gem of a restaurant.
there are only two in Rexburg & Provo, and boy howdy was everything made with love.
it included vintage everything {including cash register- see?}
and a stage for local bands to play.
also, i think the uniform for boys included skinny jeans, Toms and beanies. just an observation.

favorite part: pie shakes.
they take a piece of pie, and blend it into a cup of ice cream. genius!
why didn't i think of that?

afterwards, while hopped up on the simplistic genius of pie shakes,
we got a little silly.
tis our attempt at a human pyramid.
we forgot a fifth person...
sporadic shouts of  "CUBE! CUBE!" came from our direction until we toppled over laughing at how funny we thought we were. seriously though. we are hilarous.

then saturday came, and we had i picnic in Porter Park with yummy calzones!
i love me some fried anything, man. mmm.
tiana {hottie in the back} looks like a barbie.
if only for her hotness,
and her apparently stiff arm. {love you chan}

that night i met up with some old schooly friends & rocked a kareoke club!
nervous? yes.
we sang that french song that no one actually knows the lyrics to.
you know the one. "oo ooo voo koo say a le wah, se squa."
or whatever. hahaha

rach & i threw out a little shania twain
& i got a little jiggy with it!
shania speaks to my soul.
sometimes. not all the time! unfortunately, country music holds no place in my heart.
trav can attest to this.

ohhhh best part? the owners passed out sharpies to the guests.
it was heaven.
cool idea! when i grow up, i am DOING THIS in my bathroom. or somewhere. cha.

& then Sunday came, and i realized that i missed my Travie poo more than i could bare.
& i tripped home.
but not before taking power ranger pictures like these:

aww precious. yes, i am awkwardly short.
take a page out of my book & fuhgeddabodit!
feigned ignorance slash denial is bliss.

last weekend was a lovely affair,
i enjoyed every minute of my girly time. 


David and Jessica Olsen said...

sad i didn't get to see you!

Cherie said...

Lauren you are just the cutest of the cute!! Glad you got some girl time! The drive to the berg from here is not that bad, eh?

madison said...

loveeeee it!

Kathryn Sabria said...

I LOVE US! Wahoooo! Air punch.

Tiana Emily said...

LAUREN!! love you!! i'm so glad that you came! :) hahaa that picture of our picnic made me laugh.

Kate said...

Looks like a blasty blast!!

I really want a pie shake now.

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