Monday, November 08, 2010

just a few things

first, i shivered when i walked outside today. WHAT?
winter is upon us, dudes.
 luckily it hasn't snowed in little boise yet, but it will.
 i feel it in my bones.

second, yesterday travis discovered we have a heater.
three months of cold feet & being too scared to get out of the shower,
and we had a heater all along.
i am so glad i married the man.

third, our heater makes a clicking noise.
it sounds something akin to rain on a window pane,
i run to the window sill everytime.
darn tricky heater.

fourth, i teach the cutest little girls in my swimming classes.
we're best friends.
today i was asked, "Do you have a boyfriend?"
"Well, no," I say, " but I do have a husband."
"Ohhhhhh!!" they giggle, and they were off.
Do you kiss him?
Did you were a dress like Gizelle?
Did you have a flower girl?
Do you have a big ring?
Do you love him?
Do you sleep with--

right about then, i cut them off. & told them to practice their backstroke.
little princesses they are. {smile}

fifth, i got a new scent for my scentzy {tropical tango}
& our apartment is basically hawaii.

that is all.
peace & love


KayleighS said...

blah! I still have to get my name changed. It takes forever :( and i'm still working on thank you cards...IT NEVER ENDS!!!

This made me think of the outfit everyday thing. This lady definitely has her own sense of style..but she owns it and is confident. Heck ya!

Ashleigh said...

You should try Coconut Lemongrass. Personally I think it's the bomb :)

Dawn said...

cute, i used to teach swimming lesson, but you know, rexburg doesn't have a pool (boo!!)
I was reading through your blog, you're too cute, and i have to agree, when i first saw your picture i thought "hey, she looks like hilary duff!" and i love hilary duff, she's pretty pretty

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