Sunday, November 07, 2010

three months

i've been married to my favorite man for three months now
& it just seems like only yesterday i met him after psychology,
and thought he was oh so weird.
glad i got over that phase in our relationship! {smile}

to celebrate our three months of marital bliss,
trav wanted to go bowling.
he rocks at bowling {learned it all from his gran}
but i'm kinda stinky.

here's how-to-look-good-bowling
brought to you by T-rav.

step one: be an extremely attractive male.

step two: get in the zone.

step three: the wind up

step four: the funny profesh bowling leg thing.
i don't get it, but trav rocked.
so it must help.
also, i think it helps to roll the pant legs like Danny Zuko.
it's athletic, and retro. oh, and power ranger.

step five: strike!
that's my man!
mama was proud.

oh yeah, i was there too.
 in highschool i never really liked bowling,
but it's lovely to always have a date that makes anything fun.
happy three months to t & i!

peace & love


Pixie in Pumps said...

oh my goodness the two of you are SO adorable! and i definitely thought he was bowling with a pumpkin at first. =) wonder how that one would end!

TheReal.NateTucker said...

His muscles are so big!

(What does that remind you of?)

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