Thursday, December 23, 2010

Featured: Gwen in Love

everyone! and your dogs! 
dance your way over to Gwen in Love today & view my guest post.
i've added to her collection of Love Stories. {smile} 


Anonymous said...

This is the cutest love story ever!
I love how your guest post is just after a post on "oral sex"....ewwww lol

I know it's super late...
but congrats on your marriage!

Ashley Fastle said...

hi. I was just wondering how did you get that blog template to be like that. in other words, i dig your blog layout and i would love my blog to have something the same like that. please help. thanks Ashley

Candace Stevenson said...

fyi the strong pictures are freaking funny. It fooled me for a second! And I love how these blogs are spreading your super cute love story around the web. Exciting!

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