Sunday, January 23, 2011

this is a title.

meet Jorge. the other love of my life.
if i could relive any moment... it would be every moment with this little fish.
he died so young... it was tragic, really.

 A year ago, my room-girl madiSON & i bought ourselves some fishes. I gave them a pinch of stinky fishy-smelling food everyday & made sure I said hello each time I came home from school. I even taped a stick-figure drawing of me to the back of his tank so that he wouldn't forget who his mama was.
& then he was dead.
Dead. Dead. Dead. 
Deader than Micheal Jackson & Richard Simmons work-out tapes.
He's the only pet I've ever had in my whole life! & I only had him for ONE blessed week and two days.
Goodbye Jorge Antonio Phillipe Rodriguez...
i still miss you.

peace & love


madison said...

don't forget george anthony phillip rodriguez! oh they were such good pets.

hey p.s. we shall talk soon yes?

minuteobsessions said...

I had a betta named George (pronounced the same way I think?) Well, his name was Chin Chang Chong, but the bf said that was too long, so we called him George. He was my first friend when we moved away from home (desperate, I know!) I had him for over a year and cried and cried when he died. We gave him a burial at sea, then I made my bf flush twice, because I had to pee. You never forget the good ones.

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