Friday, February 11, 2011

memories from the moon II

when we first got in to cali, it was around midnight.
since we had been driving all day, we decided to go for a moonlight stroll.
(& it was double the moon. cause we were on our honeymoon. mmhmmm.)
we walked all over anaheim & had a blast!
everything was closed but,
i tried to climb a palm tree, 
travis said no, 
& we stopped by the world famous Bubba Gump!
please excuse trav's eyes, i bewitched him. 
it was our honeymoon, after all.

the next day, we totally ROCKED disneyland. oh baby.
it was trav's very first adventure. ever. i wanted to make it as magical as i could!
(yes, i did make sure he got himself some pineapple whip. i'm a great wife sometimes!)

space mountain was our last ride of the day.
we were very tired, & trav was this close to skipping it & heading home.
but i batted my eyelashes as best i could & two hours later (the line was that long.) it was our turn.
here's our illegally captured photo from the ride: 
trav didn't know when the camera was.
i did.

peace & love


Ashley Fastle said...

your so cute and your wedding dress is the best. I love reading your blog. You are soooo funny.

Love Ashley


karajean said...

I've been blog stalking you for awhile now but this is my first time saying hi :)

My one honeymoon regret is that we didn't bug enough strangers to take pictures of us, so all we have is shots of me, shots of him, and blurry shots I tried to take myself with my arm sticking way out. Lame!

Ashelle said...

Too adorable. Congratulation to you two lovebirds.

Check it out It's my <3 Day plan.. hope you join! I think it's appropriate for your new love.

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