Sunday, February 06, 2011

memories from the moon

remember when i promised to post pictures of our honeymoon?
oh, you don't?
i wouldn't either. it was about 6 months ago, after all. shame on me.
we only had disposable cameras with us on our trip, but i discovered this one on trav's phone.

i love this photo. 
right before we left the Disneyland, we realized we forgot to take a photo with the giant Mickey garden thing.
& that did not fly with us. 
so, as we started looking around for a photographer to snag,
a giant group of tween-aged asians came our way. {i love asians}
we took it as a sign.

one tall boy emerged from the asian crowd, counted to three, and we said cheese.
when he gave the camera back, a small girl peeped out, "you, are, married?"
trav said, "yes, we're on our honeymoon!"

& every asian in the group became very excited! cheers, clapping & large smiles came on every face.
it was wonderful.
we were so glad they became a part of our honeymoon.

love lauren.


Alexa said...

when i go on my honeymoon, i hope there are asians around to clap and cheer for us! that would be a great start to marriage.

Tara, in 3 Parts said...

Honestly, Disney does such a great job of making you feel special on occasions like honeymoons! We took a trip to Disney World for our first (dating) anniversary and they had "It's our Anniversary" buttons for free and every cast member we saw congratulated us :) Such a special day.

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