Tuesday, February 08, 2011

tuesday is the best day.

t & i wore our backpacks on campus today...
even though we're not students? 
we wanted to fit in. i guess.

& we wrote a song last night for family night
it goes like this:
doo doo dooooo doo. doo doo dooo.
doo doo do do. 

beautiful, yes? we thought so.
on another note
day thirteen is a guilty pleasure. 
here it goes...
i like showering in other people's showers. 
gasp! she did not!
um yes, i did. 
it's just fun, people typically have cooler showers than me. 
& i like making myself feel at home.
there's no better "feeling at home" than being naked. no sir.

is this fun for you too, or am i just weird?
happy tuesday
love lauren


Kathy said...

I usually hate showering in other peoples' showers! I feel so disoriented and then I smell different!

Nicole... given said...

hahaha i love it toooooooooo!

Kelsey said...

I now want to try showering in other people's showers! I recently made the goal that I'm never going to deny my chance to take a shower. I now take them WHENEVER I feel like it... it's wonderful!

Monika said...

I only love it once I figure out how to turn on their shower...you know the bath shower combo ones that have a specific lever you gotta pull to make the shower come on...well sometimes I think i'm shower lever disabled, but once i've got it, the even better than my shower shower is totally zang.

Jennie said...

I miss the Burg soooo much, but guess what....I'm comin' back April 1st! Maybe I'll get married or something to celebrate.

Tara, in 3 Parts said...

Yeahhh I actually feel awkward staying in other people's houses. Hotels I'm okay with, but other people's homes...I'd just rather be in my own.

TheReal.NateTucker said...

I can't wait to shower in your shower!

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