Saturday, March 12, 2011

attention getter

today, the school tried to break the world record for largest dodgeball game. 
of course we went, since i love pwning noobs. {umm, yes.}
i ran a little late, and had to meet travis there. i asked him what to wear and he said "oh, jeans and a tee shirt. that's what everyone else is wearing." easy enough.
when i got to the huge game, everyone was separated into two teams. blue and grey. 
everyone on either team was wearing blue, or grey.
i didn't know we were color coded.
so, i wore hot pink.

travis laughed like it wasn't his fault. but it was.

luckily, i grabbed a blue jersey from the equipment room before everyone pounced on the colorblind girl. it was a close one. 
today i am thankful for the very warm weather! i'm wearing sandals to prove my thanks.
trav & i are ready for a very lazy saturday

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Ashley Fastle said...

that is so funny about the pin shirt! dont worry, i would have done the same thing!

Kate Weber said...

I love it! Good thing all of my tshirts are blue, huh? Funny story! I bet you kicked butt at dodgeball!

geri e. said...

ha! Love that you were in a nice hot pink. Hope you went all Chuck Norris on that dodgeball game.

Brooke said...

that's so neat and phew! good thing you grabbed that shirt!

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