Thursday, March 31, 2011

big news

pom pom tutorial here 

{i am not pregnant.}
yesterday, i got an email. the email was very nice, and told me everything i wanted to hear.
 it let me know that i am officially accepted into the interior design program here at school.
i liked this email. i liked it a lot.

& then i chirped and did a few jumps up and down!
yesterday, basically all of my dreams came true.
i am so thankful.

have your dreams came true today?
love lauren


Jennie said...

I love how whenever a married twenty-something says that they have big/exciting news, everybody's minds jump to pregnancy. Hahaha. Go Mormons! ;)

Congrats on making it into the interior design program! I didn't even know you had to apply for that!

Brooke said...

CONGRATULATIONS! that is so exciting :D

beady said...

Double whoop! Congratulations! Sending you peace, love and good interior design vibes all the way from England! X

karajean said...

Congrats! Very exciting news, indeed!

Ashley said...

Exciting! :)

My dreams have come true by purchasing the Tangled DVD :)

geri e. said...

Yaaaay you!!! Such fantastic news.

Ashley Fastle said...

congrats! I am major an interior design too!

The King's said...

If only I could be crafty enough to be in design school. that's going to be sooo fun!

and no, I didn't do molten. It's my sister in law's, but I wish I did, cause I love volleyball. I was more a soccer player.

Tara said...


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