Saturday, March 19, 2011

happy saturday!

polo: AE | pullover: F21 | jeans: AE | shoes: charolette | bangle: thrifted 

hey guys. so the other day, trav suggested that we have a computer free week. kinda like lent. but not. 
and i said "heckkkk yes!" because i can't say no to a challenge. 
really though, it's a weakness. i cheek-kissed my first boy in 8th grade on a dare. and really, there's no other reason i would have done this... basically.

so, starting monday Travis and I will be lenting our lives away.
and i've arranged for some very fabulous guest bloggers while i'm away on my personal vacation.
be excited, there'll be a new one every day! it'll be like christmas times six.
and while they take care of the blog, i'll do yoga. or something. prolly.


geri e. said...

Haaaaa! I LOVE that photo of you in the bathing suit in the snow. Girl, you are cray-cray.

Excited to see who you've got up at bat ;) Enjoy your yoga.

p.s. those pants are great and love that hoodie. for cuuute!

Michelle said...

LOVe the bracelet! yay for yoga!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Oh I think that is awesome that you are taking a vacation from the computer. I will be checking in to see the guest posts.

Write it in Lipstick

Anonymous said...

Ah I am so excited for the guest posts!!! I heard my BFF Jennie will be guesting and I am just thrilled about it! Your blog is adorbs by the way!!!

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