Wednesday, March 09, 2011

i liked today

because today was no big deal.
i bought some robin eggs. which means it's basically spring!
i am dying for spring, people. dying. 
i want to run around in the flowers and lay in the sun.
 i want to swim and eat chips. {because i can't eat chips in the winter time. of course.}
i want to wear shorts! gahhhh.
someday, my spring will come.

until then, i'll play basketball inside with my married friends. 
and i'll lose, but still have fun. {that's what i did today. just in case that made no sense.}

peace & love


Brooke said...

awesome day! I love those pictures and my fiance does that pose your husband does all the time! haha

Tara, in 3 Parts said...

oh I hear ya! we've had some great weather here in SC but it's been really spotty. One day will be 75 degrees and then for 4-5 days after that it will be in the 50s. Boo.

karajean said...

Stinking cute pictures. And yay for robin eggs! I want to go buy!

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