Thursday, March 17, 2011

today is not my day

i woke up with SUCH a smile on my face.
mind, it's still on my face... but today just keeps slapping me with reasons of how i'm lame. let me go in to detail:
i woke up this morning to travis already up and dressed in the other room. duh, this happens every morning. 
but i knew something he didn't, i knew it was st. patty's day. and he was without a spot of green.
an evil grin spread across my face as i pulled on my greenest dress; he was going to get it.

in the next moment i pounced, pinching and pinching and pinching!
his first words were "owww!" but i thought he was trying to play wounded, so i ignored him.
then i got a look at his arm, which was bleeding. 
i had accidently given him a long scratch with my ring, or something. i equal lame.
then later today i made us hamburgers, cause i think i'm a good wife.
i paid more attention to his rather than mine, because i'm in love with him.
after the cooking i took a bite out of mine, and discovered it was completely pink.
i basically just fed myself raw meat. um gross.
and then travis re-cooked it for me cause he's a grill-master and i'd lost my interest.

today is not so much my day.
the end.

love tara ends tonight at midnight bee tea dubsss.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

I have no idea who you are but you are amazing! (im Taras cousin) I love reading your blogs! They are so fun :)

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