Friday, April 29, 2011

don't hate me, but...

i'm really bad about blog awards. i get excited every time i'm given one, but never get around to blogging about it. i am a terrible blog friend! feel free to glare in my general direction.
so when natasha louise awarded me, i decided it was time to buckle down & start the fun!
the rules with this award is to share 7 secrets about yourself, & then i'll tag a few cute bloggers!
ready? ok!

1. i am the queen of baby talk. when travis & i are together, we talk baby talk. often. it's probably annoying, we try to do it when we're alone. mostly on roadtrips. ha!
2. marshmallows make me sick but i CAN'T. STOP. EATING. THEM.
3. i want a nice camera so i can have an excuse to lie on the ground/ climb something/ get in front of people to get the best shot. no one questions the photographer.
4. i am cutting my hair short. someday.
5. i grind my teeth at night. gross, but there you go!
6. i make killer cookies. i whip you up a batch sometime {smile}
7. i love everything to do with daisies, and flowers in general.

okey-doke artichoke (yeah, that just happened.), here are some lovelies that i tag:
5. pics-o-andrea
6. write it in lipstick
7. kismet & kate
8. him, she & we

love ♥
sorry i didn't do more,
there were just too many wonderful blogs to choose from!


Katie Webber said...

I'm absolutely flattered! Thanks dollface. You are the loveliest.

Kayleigh S said...

Randy and I baby talk all the time :)

Kate said...

Yay, what fun facts! Thanks so much for the tag. I too am bad at doing these but I promise I will...eventually. I did this one once in 2009 and I am tempted to cheat and just link to it, but I will try to be creative and start fresh. :)

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