Wednesday, April 27, 2011

lady gaga biker gang

my old room-girl, madiSON & i had a jolly good time this weekend out of doors.
my winter-white skin was happy to be out & about.
we took a much needed thrift-trip and i almost bought these beautiful knickers.
that boy behind me thought they'd be a good idea {lip-smack}
but i decided against it, for please-don't-look-at-my-bum reasons.

this weekend was beautiful. the sun was shining & i didn't have to wear pants! {i hate wearing pants} it was a perfect day to form the Lady Gaga Biker Gang. we only have photos because of all of the paparazzi.
madison almost lost her telephone.
we have some fun, this beat is sick.
we only sing gaga songs.
you thought i was keeding?
we were born this way.

ha k bye


Kate said...

Your blog makes me smile. True story.

Brissa said...

ohmygoooooosh. can our bike gangs join forces one day and ride into the sunset?!!?

elisabeth said...

haha! love this.


madison said...

don't call my name don't call my name....alejandro....

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