Wednesday, April 13, 2011


i want to start sharing links with ya'll of everything that i have fallen in love with via the interwebs over the week. maybe i'll do it every week! or maybe every other week, depending on how butt tired i am once i complete this.  
ok, the first edition of lauren's wednesday lovebook. here we go!

+ i need these in order to do this to my apartment. if only my rented walls could look so good!
+ this bag would make everyone around me jealous. which i've selfishly decided is a good thing.
+ when i am pregnant, i am doing this. you better believe it.
+ there's a giveaway happening for some super cute fabric here. go win something!
+ and while you're at it, make me one of these pinwheel skirts. thanks, you're so sweet!
+ i love this girl and her hilarious workout wednesdays
+ this girl always has the most darling gift wrap ideas. and the most kick ace hair. one day my hair will look something akin to hers and i will be kick ace, too.
+ i want these toms because my toes deserve to shimmer, too.
+ this p90x spoof made me laugh and laugh and laugh

ok so i had so much fun with this! it just may become a weekly thing.
let me know if you had just as much fun {smile}
peace & love


Jennie said...

Ahh that pregnancy idea is super cute! There's this blog I follow, called Carolee....something photography. Carolee Beckham? Anyway, she's prego and she takes pictures every week of her belly with the piece of fruit the baby is as big as that week. I think it is the most adorable idea!

Ashley Fastle said...

ohh, girl. I have the gold pair of toms and the black should be getting here tommorow! your toes do deserve to sparkle and people will be jealous of your feet wherever you go. the end.

mandyface said...

I never thought of using happy tape on muh walls. Genius! And I shall own gold sparkly toms one day so help me. Thanks for the shoutout!!!

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