Monday, April 25, 2011

what we wore

what we wore to the daybook blogger meetup.
luckily, i lost no sleep over thinking of this outfit.
don't you just love days when getting dressed is so easy?
blazer: forever | white tank: forever | denim shorts: i dunno, redsigned | boots: thrifted | scarf: thrifted
i fashioned my scarf into a bow. a bow! i thought that was seriously cool. you may be thinking "big deal girlfriend, i've been tying bows since i could see." 
to which i would reply "umm... that doesn't make sense." but i would still stare at you in awe. or i'd think "durr-duh-durr" and stare at you like i'm staring up there. maybe. so many possibilities. 

cardigan: downeast | tank: panache | belt: thrifted | boots: target

madsack & i had way too much fun pretending to be fashion bloggers. as evidenced here:

& here:

it was a cray cray night! 
i'll post the photos of the actual event tomorrow, cliffhanger much?? 


rue. said...

dur dur dur. i literally laughed out loud.

madison said...


things i love: that you knew where all my clothes came from. that. was. awesome.

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