Wednesday, May 04, 2011


i think i forgot to make a lovebook for last week, my B!
but there are a good many lovely things in the world today! enjoy:

1. i heart this girl's style. it is so girly & edgy. it inspires me tons, somehow i'll have to find a way to make it work without the tattoos. think it's feasible?
2. this octopus ring is blowing my mind
3. if you haven't fell in love with the sartorialist yet, i recommend it.
4. i absolutely fell in love with this post by color me katie today,
it's nice to remember that you can turn a bad day into a good one, for other too!
5. there are so many amazing DIY projects out there. here's one for SHOES!
6. i've said this before, but ande monster is still my favorite vintage dress shop.
7. here's a giveaway for some fab earrings, you're welcome.
8. Lauren Conrad has started a blog with a few other women called The Beauty Department. It is filled with tutorials, inspiration and serious awesomeness. take a look!
9. here's another giveaway at Meet Virginia Design for more fab jewelry. i love this girl's header for realsss.
10. this white girl can THROW IT DOWN.

happy wednesday loves.


geri e. said...

Ahhh! White girl is SAAAA-LAMMIN! Love her. Like srsly.

Amanda said...

LOL I LOVE that duo. Pretty good stuff. :)

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