Friday, June 24, 2011

lovebook VIII

yesterday, t got a package in the mail.
inside that package, was a box.
an x box.

goodbye happy marriage! it was good while it lasted!
{i'm kidding. mostly.}

1. kristie colon has proof of a hilarious husband. 
2. i want a million kids when i grow up, and somehow i will force them to wear shades of grey at the same time. and it will be beautiful.
3. so i have this awesome dslr (i really don't even know what that means) and i don't know how to use it. i would love to be taught. anyone? beuller?
anyway, i've been looking through lots of photography sites lately.
i love this dudes' photography, so crisp and delightful!
4. cool hair! too bad my hair can't do it, maybe yours can?
5. my ultimate grown up dream is to have a tree house in the backyard for me, travis, and the littles to play in. here are some extra ideas for backyard fun!
6. Katrina B is having a fabulous photography sale-- check it out!
7. this chick is basically living my entire plan for my future. mother. wife. interior designer. srsly.
8. the little red house is hands down the cutest food blog anywhere!
9. almost two years ago, i was the mother to a tiny fish named Jorge Antonio Phillipe Rodriguez. I said hello to him every day when i came home from school and tried my best to make him feel loved (i fed him too, cause i know that helps) but, two weeks after i brought him home, he died. and i cried big time. i cared about that guy. here's a video of it.
eventually my wounds will heal & i'll care for another fishie friend. he will live in a gumball machine, and he will be happy.
10. make you own lemon salt scrub!


Amanda said...

you always suggest the best places to visit on the inter web.

karajean said...

I am SO happy my husband does not x box, or anything like it. We're pretty sure we're going to have a "no video games" rule when we have kids.

Lisa said...

I learned how to do that warerfall braid last semester its awesome but my hair is too short

Kristie Was Here said...

aw, thank you my dear! :) ti's true he's quite entertaining. today he commented on how i'll be turning 27 and it went something like this:

Dan: You're almost 27.
Me: Yep.
Dan: Well, you know what they say.
Me: What?
Dan: You're just like fine wine--you're old. I'm pretty sure that's how the saying goes...

We're here all year, folks. ;)

Seriously though, I love your blog. So happy to have found it, Lauren.

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