Saturday, June 04, 2011

we work & are in love & stuff.

yesterday at work we had a little down time. travis grabbed my hand & pulled me into a dance right there in the middle of the cafe! {i really, really, REALLY wanted to snap a photo. but i didn't want to kill the moment-- i let the urge pass.} i love when trav feels all ooey-gooey like!
travis & i are so blessed to be working together at Sammy's. We love our jobs & our sweet sweet staff!
peace love lauren
check those blue eyes! hubba hubba!
peace love lauren
i grabbed one of trav's leftover birthday cupcakes to bring to sammy's,
then i stuck it's bum inside a shake. best idea ever! {smacks lips}
peace love lauren

have a happy happy day!
p.s. i'm writing this at 9pm on friday night. travis just came home with bags full of junk food...
this means we will be having an awesome study party tomorrow. rock on!

1 comment:

mandyface said...

your work looks so fun and cute! i need unlimited milkshakes on hand every day fo shooo.

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