Tuesday, July 05, 2011

boise trip number 39485302

photos from our weekend trip to boise,
our little nephew was blessed, he is the sweetest little Beau!
i didn't manage to snap any photos of him, but i'm sure there will be many opportunities in the future {smile}

eastern idaho is charming this time of year!
& life is ten times better with your feet on the dash. guaranteed.
hubba hubba.

we spent a little time in downtown, where we lived for six months.
i loved everything about downtown. all of the buildings are old and unique,
peacelovelaurenand there are so many trees everywhere!
we did a little furniture browsing.
t liked this couch (i did too!)
i liked this one (he didn't, really)
but we ended up going home with this beaut, a dumpster dive find of my sister-in-laws'
the weathered wood speaks for itself, can't wait to start work on it!
oh, and volkswagon vans are typical downtown. it's impossible to drive down a street and not see five parked along the road. i just love it!
Charley had to be put down over the weekend. 
It was very sad, he was the best old hound!
Travis was glad he was there for him.
sad kidd. {hot. but sad.}

we miss Charley, but were happy to have him in our lives!
it was a glorious weekend spent with family. 
a much needed mini vacation.


Katie Webber said...

Not charley!! :( :( I loved that puppy. No! tell trav I'm very sad for him.

whitney // eat sleep cuddle. said...

spending time with family is the best! :) looooove your new table!

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