Wednesday, August 24, 2011

lovebook X

1. i absolutely plan on wearing my baby. Seven Slings will make me one hot mama! Plus they always have amazing promo codes.

2. pretty personalized necklaces from Lisa Leonard Designs. get on that!

3. while in a bathroom on campus, i found a note on the mirror that told me i was beautiful. not only did it brighten my whole day, it also told me about operation beautiful. join the movement!

4. while on a lizzie mcguire kick last week, i watched the episode where she got into rhythmic gymnastics. (remember that episode? i remember thinking "whoa cooool" when i was pig-tailed & 11.) anyway, youtube's sidebar pointed me to this little video, and i'm like whoa.

5. 101 pretty printables! free! (you're welcome)

6. free filters for photos from (again, you're welcome).

7. how to become a better designer. i know i learned a lot!

8. I recently got a Pinterest and, let me tell you, i'm hooked! it's absolutely fabulous. here's my pinterest, let's be friends!

9. funky DIY clock!

10. i was inspired by this pretty pin. must recreate.

have a sparkly day!


Brissa said...

great, you just made me go on a lizzie mcguire kick. that rhythmic gymnastics video was insane!!

megan danielle said...

ah thanks for the free printables! i loved em :)

Sarah Christine said...

I really like when you do your lovebook! And am totally inspired by operation beautiful!

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