Monday, August 29, 2011

sister swim

travis & i just came home from the most amazing vacay in arizona. i absolutely loved seeing my sweet family and breathing that hot hot arizona heat. the second i got back to family house, i shimmied my bum into a swimsuit & canon-balled into the pool with my sibs.
it's the arizona way.
don't i have the prettiest sisters?
my cute bro Tee Ty with his little friend "Riverbiscuit". 
Tyler is a big bad Kindergardener this year! I asked him how he liked school & he answered, "Well, the prettiest girl in my class is Quinlynn". Hahaha that's my boy!
Nicole just turned 22 and is in the nursing program at BYU. she's basically hotter than anyone you've ever met. ever.
seriously, we managed to swim every night while in AZ.
i just adore my sibs!

i was gone for two weeks, but travis only came for the second week i was there. {hello, somebody's gotta work!} i missed that boy while i was gone. i missed not being able to kiss a man whenever i wanted and not being able to laugh at the things he says... he says the darndest things!
i have officially learned that absence really does make the heart grow fonder,
and that i need to appreciate that hunk of greatness that i have just a little more.

peace & love


julia larsen said...

your sister nicole who is hotter than anyone you've ever met? yeah, she was my efy counselor! i agree, she is pretty smokin. ;)

The King's said...

please tell me where you got your swimsuit! I MUSSST KNOW! i'm just dying over it right now, and I should be studying for nursing, buttt, reading your blog is so much more fun. :)

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