Wednesday, August 31, 2011

travis in town

finally! a week of arizona passed and i got to pick up travis from the airport. is it totally lame that i was nervous? i got all glammed up {well, semi glammed up. it was 115 after all} and applied my glossiest lip gloss. then i reapplied. then i sang really loud in the car to distract me from wondering why i was nervous to pick up my husband of a year. i just really missed him you guys!

he was all smiles & muscles, as usual.
i can always count on him.
tee ty stole travis from me right quick when we got back to the house.
i couldn't argue, i mean, they even matched!

love lauren

1 comment:

karajean said...

Occasionally I get nervous butterflies when Scott is on his way home from a really long day of work. It's awesome.

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