Saturday, September 17, 2011

lovebook XI

helloooooo friends! i am very sorry about my accidental hiatus from this little blog baby of mine, but does have an upside! Our home is clean, my visiting teaching is done, we've reorganized our closet (who am I kidding? we didn't even organize it the first time), and my homework is finished!
 I won't lie guys, my first week in the interior design program has been quite a heavy load. Already I've written two papers, given a presentation, and learned a lot about myself that I've never known before! In my drawing class we keep a sketch book which we sketch in everyday, and i'm better at drawing than I realized, go figure! but i digress. i am not great, just better than i thought {smile}.
also, my class nominated me as the "freshman student representative for the American Society of Interior Designers". sounds fancy, eh? i really am not sure what i'll be doing, but i'm excited to do it.

anywho. on to the lovebook!
1. "Cheap and Chic" ways to do DIY headboards. I need these, cause it's not like our bedroom has anything going for it (does anyone's??) I'm loving numbers six, nineteen and twenty three.
2. so help me my child will wear one of these sweet animal hats!
3. i recently printed off this quote to frame in our home, i believe it is one of the greatest rules to live by!
4. ok. if i ever go completely insane and get a tatoo, it will be one like this.  
5. here's how to make those cute state outlines for your home, plus a link to printable outlines of all fifty states! 
6. yummy and easy jalepeno poppers! i'll be sharing these at a recipe club next week!
7. halloween is coming soon. "BOO!" and for real, travis would die over this. while i would die over this. 
8. song lyric art. how cool is that?
9. 25 Reasons Why You Should Dress Up Everyday. I don't agree with every reason she says, but definitely "because you deserve to look your best at all times." and because it's just more fun!


Ashley Fastle said...

i've heard that you are famous all over BYU. would you pretty please post your the cover of the magazine on your blog. kthanksbye.

Laura said...

Hey, thanks for the blog love! Glad you liked the state project. I'm glad someone else thought of it, so I could copy it. :)

I looove your blog. Can't wait to read more!

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