Sunday, October 02, 2011

it's time

it's time that i blogged, don't you think?
we have been busy birds once again. we go to school all day and work all night, then we scrounge around for junk to eat before we pass out on our bed... then we do it all over again. general conference this weekend was such a blessing. it could not have come at a more perfect time for our tired selves! we invited a few friends over for "palacsintas" {the hungarian word for crepes} so that we could feast on food & the words of the living prophets alike.
it was so nice to take a little breather.
here's my favorite little nugget from this week:
Pinned Image
i promise to be a better blogger this week.
♥ lauren


Andrea said...

Love this!!! Conference was so great! ...and your pics just to the left are so freakin cute! (fyi)

Check out the saweet GIVEAWAY!!!

geri e. said...

1. I just loved the Forget Me Not talk from Pres Uchtdorf. Loved it.
2. I love that you just said that you scrounge around for junk to eat—we've been doing lots of that around here too.... I actually made dinner last night and Jas almost cried from joy.

Hope life gets a little less crazy for ya! Have a happy week!!!

Miss Shelby said...

Wasn't Conference wonderful? :) I love your blog. And your engagement story! I'm glad I met you two. I'll probably see you around at Sammy's!

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