Saturday, December 31, 2011

free sponsorship

I am currently accepting free sponsorship for the new year!
It works like a button swap. You post my button on your page, and I will post yours! It's a totally free way to promote your blog or business and it's super fun. I accept buttons in any size {I will re-size them for you} but it's best if your button is any of the following sizes, so that the picture quality of your button stays intact!




If you're not sure how to make a button, I can make one for you.
One button : $2
Email me at to get your spot!
& don't forget the giveaway!
xo lauren

edit 2:16 12/31/2011 Due to an excess of beautiful button swappers, I am no longer accepting free sponsors for the month of January. I will be calling again at the end of the month for February sponsorship, so please keep in touch! 


megan danielle said...

id loveee to have you add my button! you can pick one of mine here:

and i just put yours up! thanks!!

Stephanie and Such said...

Newest follower!

I graduated from BYU-i and lovveedd it ;)

Want to do a button swap? I am doing free sponsors too! I also just Megan's up ^^ too!


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