Friday, February 10, 2012

Shootin' Shtuff

It was a Saturday. We grabbed some of Trav's friends & hopped in the truck. We drove out to the wilderness to shoot at shtuff. Do you see me holding that big 'ol gun up there? I let out a yelp each time it shot. Powerful gun! Travis thought it'd be funny to challenge me to shoot it, cock it, shoot it, cock it--three times in a row. I tried my hardest, and got pushed back three feet each time. I think if I had tried one more time, i'd have fallen over onto my bum. T thinks he's sooo funny sometimes. {smile}
go shoot some shtuff this weekend!
xo lauren


Jennie said...

I went shooting last semester and I had such a blast! I went three times! And the kickback on the gun that I shot that you could cock it and shoot again like five times was something terrible. So I only shot the other rifle. And clearly I know nothing about guns because this didn't make any sense. The end.

Noelani said...

Sounds like fun! :)

Erin said...

how cute are you with that gun! ha ha!

sponsor post went up today!

Elisha(: said...

your so cute!!! :) now following..follow me back?!

Cait Emma said...

ha look at you! such a badass girl! - plus it looks so so pretty out there

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