Friday, March 09, 2012

advice on a friday

do not cut your own bangs. ever.
i knew better when i was seven, i knew better when i was awkward & in junior high, but for some reason this week i decided that it would be a fabulous idea to cut my own bangs. notice how they're a little diagonal? that definitely wasn't on purpose.

it's a lazy friday morning here in the t&l home.
travis woke brovs & i up to go to JB's for breakfast... 15 minutes before they stopped serving breakfast. we made record time! now it's dishes & organizing for me & more zombies for my hard working boys!
have a fabulous friday.
xo lauren


Jes said...

oh, i've learned my lesson with bangs!! every time you think you have it straight, you look up and you're a whole mess of jaggedness.
xx jes

Miss Kenzie said...

lol! aww! i hate learning lessons the hard way!


Emily Jardine said...

ohh heyyyy!!! do you know what formula you used for your haircolor? because i've been looking for something like that to do to my hair. if you could clue me in that would be just peachily :)

Melanie Lea said...

Ha I kinda love cutting my own bangs. I never go to a stylist because I hate spending money for that kind of thing, so I started doing it myself. Mine are probably always a little crooked, too...but I just push them to the side : ) I think you did a pretty decent job and should try it one more time before you throw in the towel!

Happy weekend : )

Cait Emma said...

haha aww i'm sorry hon! i actually was thinking of bangs this week too bah! - totally considered cutting my own at first. it'll grow out though! x you're still adorrrable.

Anonymous said...

think of it this way,
you'll get extra smiles and kisses from the man

happy thoughts

kate said...

Ugh. Been there too many times.

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