Tuesday, March 06, 2012

lovebook XVIIII

1. i thought this music video was totally cute.
2. 75 Books that Build Character. i will have to be sure to buy a few of these for my future kiddos!
3. Tips for better indoor photos. I will be using a few of these when i take photos of a little cutie's first birthday party this weekend!
4. I am such a huge fan of this marshmallow frosting.
5. i've found a new girl crush!
6. I was able to incorporate this quote into a spiritual thought i gave in relief society last week... it definitely made it rock just a little harder.
8. DIY Camera strap. I will definitely have to make one very soon!
9. this is by far the funniest commercial from the super bowl. BY FAR.
10. i dream of buying a sofa from Thrive Furniture. one day, friends. one day.


Jes said...

i love this. i def think i was born with glitter in my veins ;)
xx jes

Sarah Weickhardt said...

I love that photo. Totally describes me. I absolutely love glitter! A friend of mine actually made me a card that said that. :p

I like your blog. New follower!

Keep on keeping on,

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