Wednesday, April 18, 2012

lovebook XX

1. the apartment we moved into is a little bigger than our last, and we definitely have room to upgrade to a bigger sofa. t & i are thinking "sectional" right now, but i think with enough sneaky comments, i could get him to like this nightclub kind of leather sofa.
2. my eyebrows are pretty now.
3. i made this for dinner a while ago & it was a winner! tilapia is the chicken breast of the fish population!
4. i am loving everything Lauren Conrad right now. she is like a real life Princess Barbie! her line at Kohl's is fabulous
5. one day this will be my living room. minus the pink {my goal is for travis to live in a girl AND man type of home}.
6. homemade freezer burritos? come to mama.
7. these stuffed peppers also look yumtastic.

andddd you only get seven today. because i am exhausted from school, and i have mashed potatoes to eat.
xo lauren

1 comment:

{Just} Sara said...

your blog may be the cutest thing ever! i am happy to say that i follow its cuteness:)

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