Friday, June 15, 2012

18 weeks

18weeks 18weeks

midterms are in full swing and t & i are exhausted. luckily, as a result,  the weeks are going by so fast!
trav's parents are coming in to town this weekend and we can't wait to show them around little rexburg! because the in-laws are coming tomorrow, guess what i'm doing today? i'm deep cleaning. because that's what daughter in laws do {smile}

18 week type things:
  • baby can hear music & things inside the womb. yesterday it hit me that baby has really only been exposed to classic rock & church music thus far in his/her baby life. today i popped in The Hush Sound cd i had from high school and guess what? tiny little baby kicks!! maybe baby will be an indie popper just yet. 
  • i eat corn dogs & guacamole and i am proud. 
  • i feel like i've pinched a nerve in my lower back {i guess it's the sciatic nerve? i know nothing about that.}
  • remember when i thought i was showing in this photo? what a retard.
we find out baby whiting's gender on MONDAY!!! do you ladies & gents {but let's be real, there's probably no gents} have any guesses? click the poll thing!

xo lauren


Nicole said...

i say would be a good momma to a girl, (and a boy if it turns out to a boy)

Miss Kenzie said...

aw, your baby bump is so cute!! my first thought is a girl...but then again something makes me say boy too...i cant decide!
i used to listen to the hush sound in high school too! i saw them live a few times too.


Jennie said...

I guess twins....or a girl.

PS I've been right about 100% of the gender's of blogger's babies thus far in my blogging career. So consider this a prophecy more than a guess. Ha! ;)

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

I LOVE your baby bump!

Ariel Tyler said...

Ahh! How exciting! Do you guys have a guess as to what the gender is at all? I hear that some women just "know."

Natasha Louise said...

You are possibly the cutest pregnant lady ever, hehe!

karajean said...

Just wait until a few weeks from now. You will look at this picture and realize that doesn't even count as a "bump!"

Gaby said...

You look so cute! I don't have any guesses but I'm sure it'll be super exciting either way :)

Brookie said...

you are soooo cute, ALWAYS, how is that fair?!?:) congrats on your sweet baby girl! love u guys:)

The Students Wife said...

Cute! Congrats on the pregnancy!


Shane said...

You are cute as can be! So glad to have stumbled across your little blog from Living with Fletch, I look forward to keeping up with your adventures :)

xo shane

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