Monday, July 23, 2012



i can still see my toes!
the semester has finally ended. this means that i have one semester left before graduation. and because next semester i only need to take one class... this means I AM FREE.
at least for a little while.
i've been thinking a lot lately about just how much our lives are going to change around here once baby girl comes in November. there will probably be no more running out to a movie on a whim, no more completely spontaneous anything. a few friends & their four month old stayed with us this weekend and i think she stated it perfectly:
"when you're single, your independence is 100%! when you're married, it goes down to maybe 60%... since you need to work with each other's schedules. when you have a baby... it goes down to 3%."
although i'm willing to bet this is true, i also bet that it is worth it.
t & i are so excited so have our baby girl.
i think we are prepared to make the change.
we are going to love on that babe so very much!

happy monday thugs,
xo lauren


kailyn marie said...

Awwww, get your spontaneous out now, while you can!!! :)

Have you thought of any names for baby girl yet?

Rachel said...

Love your shoes and skirt!EEP!November will be here before you know it!

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