Monday, July 30, 2012

sunny sun sun

hello from california!

t & i are loving this time in cali with family and fun! we just spent all day at the beach with a bag of tortilla chips and queso dip, and i peed in the ocean!!!
i also got kicked out of family beach volleyball, for being "too intense for a pregnant lady".
but like i said, i peed in the ocean. so the day was definitely a success.
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sarah said...

peeing in the pacific is always a highlight! and props for being too intense haha! :)

Kelli Ferre said...

Peeing in the ocean? Wow! I'm just glad it wasn't a pool! Nice to meet you!

Sierra said...

You peed in the ocean? Good on ya, mate!

Christi Lynn said...

I just got back from cali! Hope you have so much fun. new follower here :) and I think your blog is adorable!

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