Thursday, August 16, 2012

lovebook XXII

1. a massive list of all of the disney channel original movies. HELLO could that be any more awesome?
2. lately my favorite thing to do is read other people's birth stories. and anything about birth. birth no-nos, birth horror stories, what to bring to the hospital, birth everything. i'm still figuring out my birth plan {because i guess that's a thing people do} but this site is helping me out tons.
3. i think baby girl might need some of these, probably really bad.
4. now that summer has finally begun, i plan on making a little love story of mine & trav's. sort of like this one, how completely fun and adorable would that be?
5. i think wild juniper is so dang cute.
6. have you seen this yet? cause it's awesome. for real.
7. i kind of really want this for baby girl's room. like, really.
8. have you seen the blog house???
9. taza started selling things from her closet, i just about died.
10. and finally,

words to live by.
xo lauren


Adrienne Kay said...

I saw the blog house in person last week! It was super cute and my favorite part was a swinging daybed in the backyard. Love ya girl!

Momza said...

HI Lauren!
So excited to read of your next big adventure: Motherhood! I have a little blog sharing my birth stories as a midwife/doula that you might enjoy reading. Here's the link:
best wishes!

Jes said...

Hey lady! I also attended BYUI's Interior Design program! I can't tell you how many hours I spent in the clarke building. I'm also from Az:) Tell me, Does Nolan Parson still teach there?

Emily said...

ahhhhh! im completely on the same page regarding number one and number nine. nothing is better that disney channel original movies (Brink! duhhhh) and taza's hand me downs would make my life complete. massive blog crush.

M. said...

definitely, defintely words to live by. working on that.

Brooke said...

Okay, I just have to say I love everything about this. Love the quote, love your entire blog design, love reading birth stories too (I'm not even pregnant. Does that make me weird?)

I'm excited to be your newest follower :)


Olivia Carter said...

Oh my, that is a lovely quote I need to print that out and hang it on my wall. Such a great reminder- Thanks!

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