Friday, August 03, 2012

takin' care of business

we are back from vacay!
and guess what? i took zero pictures. i left my camera in our car in idaho... it was lame but oddly exhilarating. we had the loveliest time on our trip, it was so fun seeing my family and trav's parents mesh together so well!
now that we're back and ready to get into the daily grind i have a whole new mindset that i want to implement.

i want to get things done!

we have only three and a half months before baby girl makes her appearance and there are so many things that i would like to accomplish before she arrives. the list i've created in my little head includes things to make  for her, organizing the house, planning another move, getting into a daily routine of keeping this house in order/a work out schedule, and figuring out just what i'd like to do with this blog of mine. also, savoring these last few months of "alone time" with travis. because i know things are going to change a lot once baby girl comes.

along with this mindset comes a new goal: less pinning more doing! ha! for the next five weeks i am not going to pin a single new thing on pinterest, i'm going to focus on actually doing what i've already pinned. this is for real folks. i am totally serious. feel free to scold me if you see me pinning. {but be nice about it...!!}
i am so excited.

also, feel free to enter my shabby apple giveaway! it's the last day!!! winner will be announced monday.
xo lauren


wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

best of luck with everything!

Kylie said...

I totally had that goal too. Good luck getting everything done! I planned on getting our nursery done much sooner....but it didn't get finished until I was 38 weeks! It's nice though knowing it's done and now I can just wait.

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