Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the day we learned we were pregnant

i was re-reading my journal last night and found this little excerpt, i thought it too perfect not to share. enjoy!!

March 12 2012 1:32pm

i am freaking out. i skipped my last period ( which was about 2-3 weeks ago), i've been more tired lately, and i've been putting the wrong things in the freezer, forgetting to turn on the oven, other funny brain deficient things like that.
i think i'm pregnant.
i'm not supposed to take a pregnancy test for another week.... but right now i'm home alone, i have to pee, i have a test... and i'm FREAKING OUT!
i think i'm pregnant. i think i'm actually pregnant this time!!!
i just called travis to ask if he was ok with me taking it without him, he was so supportive & sweet, i love that hunk of muscles!
so, now it's go time. just me and that little stick that will decide our futures.
i strive to be a mother. travis & i are ready to love a little one of our own. now we'll see if Heavenly Father agrees. i am so so nervous. ok. ok. ok.
it's go time.

March 12, 2012 2:01pm
the most heavenly word!!

immediately there were tears.
then i called travis to tell him the news... more tears! i wished so badly that he was there on the bathroom floor with me. darn my excitement! i was still clutching the test so tightly like it was my live's dream... and you know what? i guess it was. 
travis & i on the phone, we had no words. we couldn't think of what to say. when he talked i could hear the smile on his face. our adventure together was about to get a little bigger. we were so happy.
when we hung up, i immediately prayed. Heavenly Father had just blessed us with the biggest gift, i needed to let Him know how thankful i am, and how determined i am to be a good mother to this new spirit.

travis & i are going to have a baby!
we're going to be parents!
pregnant pregnant pregnant!!!

xo lauren


Kari and Will said...

you're so cute! i need to keep a personal journal.. i've kinda been considering my blog as that. i'mma slacker boooo. :/

Nicole said...

That is such an amazing post :) It remeinds me of when I thought we found I was pregnant, that test turned pink while I was peeing on it. Im so excited for you and Travis. You two will be amazing parents, and let me tell you it is the funnest thing in the world. You will LOVE being a momma :) Even if you are sleep deprived and dont shower on a regular basis;)

kate said...

Aw, this is so sweet I'm totally crying. That really is the most amazing feeling!!!

Natasha Louise said...

This made me want to cry!! So SO sweeeeeeet!! Such an amazin insight, thanks for sharing your personal journal. You're going to be a great Mother!

A FANCY DAY said...

I loved this story! Thanks for sharing such a precious moment, I couldn't be more excited for you guys!

megan danielle said...

i love this.

Brittany said...

This is so sweet and timely for me! I just found out I'm pregnant!

Brookie said...

oh, this is cute, i cried while reading it:) i remembered that same feeling when i found out we were expecting each of our babies. you are going to be the best parents to that sweet little lady. I am so happy for you!!
p.s. you look fantastic:)

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