Thursday, September 20, 2012

my mom is cooler than your mom.

i hate saying that. "my mom is cooler" or "my dad is cooler" or "my dog is cooler". because i know that each of us has a fantastic mother or father {or dog?} that we love and admire completely. but today guys, today my mom really is cooler. she's the coolest. she's the biggest inspiration ever and i am going to shout her props from the rooftops.

my mom lost 100lbs. {i believe she's lost 115 now}
can you believe that? over one hundred pounds! that is one of the very hardest things for a person to do, and she did it. her hard work has really paid off. my dad too, he's down some 70 something pounds and still going strong.
my parents have always been overweight. it really wasn't ever something i thought about growing up. they were just my parents and i loved everything about them! but now, WOW. it is so amazing to see how much their countenances have changed. they are so excited and ready for anything in life. really zesty you know? i guess i can't really explain it.
my mom wrote out a list on her blog, 100 things about being 100 lbs lighter. please read it! it is amazing what an effect being overweight can have on your body, a good motivation for anyone.

the moral of the story is, i am so proud of my mom {and dad} and CAN'T WAIT to be JUST LIKE HER!!!
xo lauren


Tere Shake said...

girl! that is awesome, my mom is struggling with the weightloss right now. i hope she can stick to her plan this time. its tough on the family members! your mom is amazing.

lex said...

That's so awesome!

A FANCY DAY said...

What an amazing accomplishment you must be one proud daughter! Also that baby mobile you made is AMAZING! You've got skills!

Candace Stevenson said...

whoa!!! She looks GREAT! I met her like twice in high school and she is the sweetest :) Way to lose so much weight, that is awesome!!

SarahJane Miller said...

WOw! This is truly amazing! Go her!! I am very impressed! Just found your cute blog and I am now your newest follower. I would love for you to stop by and follow along if you'd like :)

kate said...

THIS IS AMAZING! I am just sitting here crying over all her reasons, what an amazing women!

his little lady said...

That is absolutely incredible! Many congratulations to your mom! How inspiring! And she is beautiful! :)
xo TJ

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