Thursday, October 18, 2012



usually when travis comes home from school he likes to grab something to eat, and chill. you know, facebook it up & stuff. but yesterday when he came home, instead he chose to set up her crib!! i was thrilled! i think now that it's getting to the point where soon i could go in to labor anytime, all of this is getting more and more real to him. last night as i was browsing pinterest, he even asked, "do they have any ideas on there of what to pack in the hospital bag?"
ha! and i was like, "boyyy, you don't even KNOW".
travis will seriously be the best daddy, you guys. i am so excited to see those two together. he loves talking to my tummy and lately has begun relishing the thought of me being in class next semester, so that he can have daddy-daughter time, and "take her fishing, and play x-box and watch cool movies, and take her fishing". ha! apparently this girl will learn to fish before she learns to talk.
i love my guy so much. i can't wait to start this family with him.
and i really love this whole forever thing. {smile}
xo lauren


Libby's Life said...

ha ha... you guys are so adorable! I loved reading this because it brings back so many memories of when we were getting ready for when our son was coming and now we are preparing to have our little girl and it's so different the 2nd time but you still have all the lists and things to get done before she gets here... :) And I am still using Pinterest to figure out what to bring to the hospital because I have forgotten what I need!

Recently Roached said...

This is adorable. I love how guys are so clueless, but they want to be so involved. :)

SarahJane Miller said...

This is seriously so cute. My husband is so scared for the day we start having kids... this post gives me hope that he will come around!

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