Wednesday, October 31, 2012

this is halloween.

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it is amazing how much t & i just don't care about halloween this year.
all i care about is cleaning {seriously, nesting, you will be missed when you're gone} and all trav can focus on is work & school. we haven't popped out any of our cool halloween decorations, haven't carved one pumpkin, and because of the gestational DIABEETUS i know i won't be eating one piece of candy. not even candy corn! {is it sad that that was one of the first things i thought about when i heard i was a gestational diabetic? "no candy corn this year? how will i go on??"}

anyway, t is working tonight & i will be cleaning out an apartment for some tenants that are moving in tomorrow. we really know how to party, dudes!
Happy Halloween!
& please eat lots of candy corn, just because you can.

xo lauren


Bethany Grow said...

no candy corn at all??? man... i really take candy corn for granted. nevermore!
and i get a little sad that josh and i are way too busy to do much for halloween and can't start any traditions together. oh well. next year! that's what i keep telling myself...

A FANCY DAY said...

I feel the exact same way! We haven't carved a pumpkin yet and I seriously have no desire to!

A+J said...

No candy corn?!?! That's horrible! When baby girl comes I think there should be a candy corn celebration!! Also my Halloween was spent doing HW. Lame sauce.

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