Tuesday, November 27, 2012


i know it may be a little late to write out a post about thanksgiving, but i've never been one for punctuality.
i spent my thanksgiving in boise with these two nubs and the rest of my in-laws, and had a completely lovely time. the stuffing, and all of the gratefulness, were the best parts i must say. millie got loved on by all of her cousins & aunties & uncles and she loved every minute of it! and i got to hit up boise's new H&M on black friday, i definitely went home a happy girl.
yes, the weekend was completely serene and splendid. and then we drove home.
somehow or other, t & i got sick. i threw up out the car window and felt like death the whole rest of the night. then, t got sick. it was super cute guys... t & i both throwing up and walking around like zombies together. it's the stuff romance is made of.
my sickness was interfering with being able to take care of millie, and i didn't want her to catch any of it from us. i asked travis for a priesthood blessing and felt a million times better not long after. it was a thanksgiving miracle.
i am so grateful to have the priesthood in our home. i'm so grateful that travis is always working his hardest to  be a good head to our family. i'm grateful for him and everything he is to me. i'm grateful he's the man that made me a wife. i'm grateful for our millie mae, she made me a mother. a wife & mother are the greatest things i've ever wanted to be! i'm so grateful for her and for the way she smells, the way she hiccups and the way her little eyes go cross-eyed when she's trying so hard to focus them. i'm grateful for our little home, for bassinets, nursing pads, taco soup, lava lamps, scratch mittens, clorox wipes, airplanes, frozen vegetables, kiss stixx, fried eggs, netflix, diaper bags, dishwashers, pretty pillows, and so much more.
the list could go on for days,
but very most of all, i'm grateful for eternity.

xo lauren


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog & it's lovely. I enjoyed reading your birth story. Darling baby.

Harley said...

never too late to talk about why you are thankful!

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