Wednesday, November 07, 2012

what's in a name: millie mae

t & i have known for a long time just what the perfect name would be for baby girl. granted, we didn't decide on her middle name till the very last second, but for months and months our girl has been millie.

why we chose the name millie is a fun little story so i figured i'd share.

travis is one of eight kids. lots of brothers and a few sisters, his house was rowdy growing up and the moment i first met the whiting family i considered them all to be the most wonderful cowboy/country folk in the world. they make biscuits & gravy for breakfast and they have a whole hallway dedicated to those old-fashioned, saloon type, dress-up-like-the-old-west type photos. and their family movie is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

i think the movie speaks to them because of all the boys running around, and the rowdiness. definitely the rowdiness. when we were dating and trav told me that this was one of his favorite movies i'll admit i was shocked but pleased; travis is not a musical-loving man. Seven Brides has always been one of my favorite movies, the story is hilarious and i always sort of looked up to Millie's character.

i loved {and wanted to be like} millie because:
  • she knew what would bring her happiness. she followed the promptings of her heart {and i think we can substitute "heart" with "the Spirit" here} and took a huge leap of faith to marry a handsome stranger and leave her home. 
  • she is strong, sweet and kind. she took a house full of seven wild men and turned them into perfect gentlemen, and she did it with love. tough love at first, but always with love.
  • she has a motherly nature. she was perfect to take care of those seven brothers and those seven brides! and with our millie as the oldest sister in the family we knew that this is a quality she was likely to develop.
  • she's a dang good cook. aka domestic, and finds so much joy in running a home for her family. 
  • she's super cute, has a lovely voice and is sassy as can be!

these are all reasons why i look up to the character of Millie, and are all traits i hope to teach my Millie Mae to admire as well. i am so excited to watch her grow & to see the woman she will become!

xo lauren


Tiffany said...

When I saw what your cute little girls name was I about died. I love that name so much. Now I love it even more because it came from this musical. Congratulations on the little {cute} bundle of joy!

Miss Kenzie said...

that is AMAZING! seven brides is the first thing that popped into my head when I saw you named her Millie! wonderful choice! i LOVE that movie:)


Mariah Michelle said...

I love love love Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I can sing all of the songs and practically quote the movie. Also, your baby's name is so close to one of the names we're thinking of using if we have a little girl: Daisy May. I couldn't convince my husband to spell it M-A-E, he is very into popular spelling, unlike me who loves anything unique!

Christi Lynn said...

my roommates have been wanting to watch this movie so bad! we really need to find some time to watch it.

Nicole said...

LOVE the movie LOVE the name!

Tiffany {Grown up Dress up} said...

So fun for her to have a story behind her name. Congrats, what a doll!

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