Wednesday, December 05, 2012

jet's wedding

remember last september when i went down to good old arizona for my best friend's wedding? well, i lost my memory card shortly afterwards and never had the chance to blog the reception. so, i'll do that now. 
an Arnett wedding is not your typical wedding. they like to hold their reception's in a movie theater.
weddinggg weddinggg
jet's dad is a videographer, and he's made a wedding video for each of his daughters. the family rents out a theater, the "bride slaves" hand out popcorn and candy to the guests, there is congratulations and dancing and then the twenty minute wedding video. it's the most fun of any wedding reception ever. i just love my girl Jet, her reception suited her perfectly.
weddinggg weddinggg

me & a few of my favorite bride slaves! we even get tee shirts instead of bridesmaids dresses cause we're that cool.
xo lauren


Kari and Will said...

haha that is awesome! i had no idea that's what went down at jet's wedding reception! definitely the coolest idea i've ever heard of!

lex said...

best reception idea ever.

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